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Zhijuan Liu

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Chinois mandarin
Chinois mandarin


Chinois mandarin
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I'm Zhijuan from china,chinese language, like english,is a subject,it can be separated into two independent parts or related parts during learning process,character and pinyin(phonetic). kids can read adults' books knowing nothing about pinyin before entering school,just based on brain memory.the process is like that of native english kids receiving english language.
Like English words,Chinese character has its own rule and system which is based on radicals,the best way to understand and expand your vocabulary is to know the meaning of radicals that composed Chinese character.
Speaking and applying it into reallife is the best way to improve your conversational skill,the more you practise,the better you get it .

I have my own way and methods to learn a new language.I’m a standing member and translator of Tianjin Multi-Media Educational Technology Academy, I ‘ve completed the tefl training for English teachers of online learners and become a professional online teacher.

Besides that, I’m a good and quick learner,I learned how to play chinese traditional instrument guzheng,chinese painting and calligraphy,do you like chinese art?do you know how to introduce yourself and your hobbies in chinese?.

There are a few things you should know in my lecture:

Firstly: tell me your interests and aims,for further studying,business,or travelling,I’ll tailor you lecture topic to suit your different aims.

Secondly: you don't need to prepare any material except an exercise book,everything is ready for you.

Finally:take a try lecture.

There will be real dialogues and conversationial practice to improve your speaking.
There will be explanations of sentence structures and grammers.
There will be time spared to do writing practice to enhance your memory of chinese charactor(take it easy).
Don’t you think that the four tones of chinese character really difficult to control?
Don’t you think that the meaning of many chinese words are so confusing?
Writing chinese character is really a big headache!

Take it easy ,step by step, one day,you'll find that it's not that hard to master a new language.

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briefcaseExpérience professionnelle

2013 - 2018
Tianjin Multi-media Educational Technology Academy
Standing member,and translater.
2012 - 2013
Tianjin Sakura Asahi Enterprise Management and Service Co.,Ltd
International Communications Consultant and Assistant:
• Provide customer service for foreign companys and ensured recruitment process quality for clients recruiting for new positions. 
•Co-worker with Jonathan and also as his translator,together visit customer,follow up,and sign contracts.
General Manager Assistant:
•Create marketing plan, do the performance statistics and evaluation of International Communication Department and Candidate Department.
•Help Candidate Department finding quality talent for our clients.
•In charge of the recruitment of our own company.
2011 - 2012
Binhai Institute of TAFE 
Teacher in Department of Applied Arts
For students majored in Environmental Art:
•Interior Design for diploma project(CAE) for final year student,and also give lectures for freshman and sophomore. 
For students majored in Landscape Art:
•Exterior Design(CAE)for final year student
•Perspective and Drawing
2016 - 0
Online english teacher and chinese teacher
Chinese tutor for some students of Nankai university and some introduced by friends. recently completed TEFL training of english teachers for online learners and become a online teacher.


2001 - 2005
Educational experience
Hebei Normal University of Science & Technology - Qinhuangdao,China
my major is educational technology,focus in educational theory and technology ,and educational psychology,distance learning,making lectures,photography etc.
2003 - 0
Chinese Mandarin Level Test Certificate
Grade B,level 2
2005 - 0
Teacher certificate
Teacher certificate of People's Repulic of China
2015 - 0
IELTS exam
Average score 6
2018 - 0
completed 40hours foundational training for english teachers of online learners and get certificate.

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60 minutes