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Chinois mandarin
Chinois mandarin


Chinois mandarin
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你好ni hao! :-)
My name is Dang Yanfen and my English name is Sunny Dang. I’m a professional, native teacher with 12 years experience for schools in the USA, UK and Singapore, 9 years experience teaching corporate students and 8 years experience with kids ages 4+. I can teach all the levels and ages of students. I am flexible, easy-going, patient and friendly. I love gardening, cooking, history, economics, psychology and philosophy. If you or your kid(s) want to take formal but enjoyable, interactive and engaging lessons, please feel free contact me. I would like to help.

Teaching approach

* Customized and Interactive Lesson
I can design individualized curriculum or courses based on each student's interests, goals and personalities. I'm passionate about teaching. I always adapt myself and my lessons to my students. You can learn at your own level, pace and style.

* Communicative and Effective
I can have conversation with you even you have very limited vocabulary. I can encourage you break the ice and build your confidence to talk in this beautiful language. If you're an advanced student, I can also give you video/audio homework and have a discussion on class by using the key sentence structure and core vocabulary in the video/audio.

* Easy and Fun lessons for Kids
For kids ages 4-12, we learn through their favorite songs, nursery rhymes ,stories , cartoons or in a theater way. For teenagers, I would like them to give a summary, presentation or have a discussion, do a research or write an essay. Most of them are very motivated and our lessons are very engaged.

* Business Chinese
I have 9 year experience teaching corporate students for Myngle Language School, Netherlands. I can teach business people who travel frequently to China and wish to do their business in China.

* I also offer lessons below
Chinese for adults, Chinese for beginners, intermediate Chinese, advanced Chinese, conversational/daily Chinese, travel Chinese,
Chinese test prep like HSK, SAT, AP, A levels, GCSE, YCT, BCT,
Chinese for teens, Chinese culture lesson, Integrated Chinese,
Learn Chinese through movies or TV programs, survival Chinese,
Chinese reading/writing lesson.

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briefcaseExpérience professionnelle

online Chinese Teacher
Chinese teacher of Aberdour School, UK, 2013—present - London, UK
2011 - 2013
online Chinese Teacher
Chinese teacher of US public schools - US
online Chinese teacher of K1-K12, US public schools, 2011--2014


2012 - 2014
Teaching Chinese as a second Language
Beijing Language and Cultural University - Beijing, China
Bachelor of Literature. Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
2008 - 2012
B.A Teaching Chinese as Second Language
Beijing Language and Cultural University - Beijing, China
Focus in teaching Chinese as a second language