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Hello English Learner!

I am so happy to teach English to students who have different ages. I wrote "About Me" so many students can understand, and I can write very well. If you want extra help with advanced ("hard") English, please look at the last paragraph, "Advanced Student." If you want help learning about English, please see, "Beginning-Intermediate Student."

Beginning-Intermediate Student
I love to teach when the student and I can talk without noise, but I also teach in a classroom everyday. I hope in the summer I can help students online; I do not teach English in a classroom in the summer, so I have time. I know English is hard; I help a student right now who speaks Arabic, and I have helped a student who speaks Spanish. Also, I learned French in college, so I know a new language is hard, but English is very hard!

Advanced Student:
If you're interested in developing your vocabulary, improving your grammar, and increasing your writing and reading skills for a specific test or class, please let me know. My college degrees are not just in teaching but also in English, so I understand many famous authors' books, such as Shakespeare's plays and other content you would study in high school and college.
To teach books and increase writing skills, I blend together English guidelines with lessons based on how you learn, read, and write. Online learning can be limited because we are not in the same space, but English is a conversation-based subject, so I think you would discover you understand books and develop your writing through our conversations, email exchanges, and other lessons I create for you.

Please note: I teach 6th grade English until June, so I am available in June and July. After that, I return to teaching full-time and will be unable to teach many students through the internet.

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2012 - 2014
M.S. English
Radford University - Radford, Virginia
M.S. in English with secondary (grades 6-12) teaching license earned May 2014. Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement certified.
2008 - 2012
B.A. English
Santa Clara University - Santa Clara University
Course work in Teaching Pedagogy, Dialect and Diversity in the Classroom, Shakespeare, Victorian Literature, Colonial Literature, Technical and Business Writing, Philosophy, French, and Theater.

Expérience professionnelle

Middle School English Teacher, Full-time
Cave Spring Middle School - Roanoke, Va
6th Grade English Teacher

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