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Happy Autumnal Equinox Verblingers!! 🍁🍂🌞🌕🍂🍁
I hope you're all having a fabulous start to your fall!! 🌞🍺🌕
In Canada there's an urban myth that people learn better when it's cold... what do you think? The temperature's dropping... fall is in the air.. maybe it's time to book some English lessons? 😄✨🍻🍁✨
Make sure to use this coupon when you book your first lesson with me this week to get a whistling 25% off! 💯
I can't wait to talk to you in class!! 💯 😄🌞🍺🌕🎉🎉


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Fall Greetings Verblinger!! Are you tired of boring conversations about the ins and outs of grammatical correctness with ‘experienced’ teachers? Want to have exciting English conversations about trendy topics with a sparky twenty something instead? Look no further!! There's no time like the present! Book your fun & relaxing English conversation with me today and use my Awesome Autumnal Equinox coupon for 25% off your first lesson this month!! Put some pizzazz into your chitchats! :)

I am 21 years old, I speak English and French, and I’ve lived around the world! So, I’m no stranger to having conversations in either my second language or yours. Social-media, music, movies, make-up, books, sports, celebrities! We can talk about anything and everything you love, so you can fine-tune your English conversational skills.

I have also developed a unique method for our conversations that I call SMIRF!: Slow-Motion–Instant Replay–Fast!. I created the SMIRF! method specifically to solve 2 key troubles students have when speaking a second language: first, getting lost in fast English conversations; second, not being able to ask English speakers to slow down and repeat what they're saying.

My SMIRF! method solves these troubles!! And this is how:

Sometimes what you really need is fast-paced chatter where you can hit Pause, Repeat, and Slow-Motion. With my SMIRF! method you can ask me to Pause! Repeat! or speak in Slow-Motion! And that way, you can get used to quick, casual conversation...and take part in it!

Using the SMIRF! method we will have fast-paced, dynamic conversations in English, just like the ones you have with your friends!

With me as your teacher – and SMIRF! as our method – you will shine in conversation and speak English with the vibrant confidence you deserve... and you will also make a friend!

Book a trial lesson with me! I can tell you a bit more about the theory behind my SMIRF! method. You can tell me a bit about yourself, and what you would like to accomplish in English. Together, we can cook up the perfect English conversation course for you, so that you can start speaking English like a native speaker – and have fun doing it!

Book a lesson now, and let’s start SMIRF!-ing! I can't wait to meet you! :)

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watchSous quelques heures
timetableil y a 2 ans
class_blackboard12.7 moyenne des cours


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Canadian English



2015 - 2016
Liberal Arts College Programme
Heritage College - Quebec, Canada
Focus on humanities

briefcaseExpérience professionnelle

Research Assistant
May & co. - St. Lucia, England, Bulgaria
Assistant in international food habits research project. Roles: Data collection and photography
2016 - 2016
Student Teacher
Heritage College - Quebec, Canada
Planned, organized, and directed class for over forty students
2015 - 2016
ESL Peer Tutor
Heritage College - Quebec, Canada
Focus on note-taking and essay-writing
2015 - 2016
Study Group Leader
Heritage College - Quebec, Canada
Organized and guided study groups for the Liberal Arts college programme


2015 - 2016
Liberal Arts Academic Award
Heritage College - Quebec, Canada
Award for highest academic achievement in the Liberal Arts college programme