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À propos de moi

Do you want to make quick progress with your Romanian? Do you want to understand and be able to use all aspects of grammar and vocabulary? I would be very happy to help you and make learning this language enjoyable for you.

My name is Camelia and I am a native Romanian speaker, currently living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
I have a creative mind and one of my strongest attributes is my determination to learn and undertake new challenges. l love exploring different cultures - in particular I have spent a significant amount of time learning about the Japanese culture, but I do consider that each culture has its own charm. My passion for foreign cultures is one of the main reasons I love to teach! I believe in the unconditional value of human life and I find I often have an affinity with people who appreciate nature and simplicity. My hobbies include writing, cooking, reading, traveling, and photography.
You can get to know me better by reading my blog. Take a look :)

Teaching Approach

My lessons are interactive and engaging. I will coach and support you every step of the way to ensure you become fully competent and confident to communicate in Romanian. I am happy to teach you in a way that suits you.
A typical lesson with me will involve lots of conversation, engaging activities to expand your vocabulary as well as useful techniques to improve your understanding of grammar. I would be delighted to create lessons specifically for you based on your current level and to help you achieve your aspirations. My lessons are supportive, fun, friendly and motivating, and I can incorporate all four aspects of language learning (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

Qualifications & Experience

• As an alumnus in Babes-Bolyai University I achieved a degree in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Linguistics (Japanese Language & Literature, English Language & Literature, Romanian Language & Literature, General Linguistics, Writing Techniques Seminars).

• After teaching English as a Second Language as a volunteer, I decided to become a language tutor.

• I have teaching experience, in the last 2 years offering over 2000 Romanian, Japanese and English lessons to foreigners from all over the world, both online and in-person, so I have been exposed to a multicultural environment that has helped me to develop effective and interactive teaching techniques at the same time suitable for everyone.

•Besides being a dedicated teacher, I can give you insights into Romanian culture and teach you idiomatic expressions that will make you sound more natural and native-like.

* Certifications:

• 1st prize for Essay and Video Contest in Japanese (Organised by Gakkuin University - Sapporo, Japan)

• Special prize for essay in Japanese. (5,141 entries from 54 countries were submitted)
" Japanese Language Proficiency Competition " aimed at "Japanese Language Students in the World"
Organizer: International Exchange Institute. Sponsorship: The Japan Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Asahi Shimbun - Tokyo, Japan.

• 1st prize for several national Romanian Language and Literature competitions (poetry, essays, short stories).

Stats professeur

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2015 - 2018
B.A. Japanese and English
Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters - Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Japanese & English language and literature

briefcaseExpérience professionnelle

Online Tutoring
Romanian (A1-C2), English (A1-C2), Japanese (A1-B2)


2017 - 2017
1st prize for Essay and Video Contest in Japanese
Organised by Gakkuin University - Sapporo, Japan
2017 - 2017
" Japanese Language Proficiency Competition " aimed at "Japanese Language Students in the World"
Organizer = International Exchange Institute. Sponsorship = The Japan Foundation. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of education. Asahi Shimbun - Tokyo, Japan
Special prize for essay in Japanese. (5,141 entries from 54 countries were submitted)
2017 - 2017
「世界の日本語学習者」を対象とした 【日本語作文コンクール】
《主催=国際交流研究所。後援=国際交流基金。外務省。文部科学省。朝日新聞社》 - 日本、東京

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