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Moving to China in this moment, I'll be back very soon ! :D

Hola que tal! Soy Ale Santiago, vivo en México.Me gustaría ser tu profesora de Español! I have a degree in Teaching foreign languages, a masters in Higher Education and I am a Fulbright alumni.

Tengo experiencia en la enseñanza del Español para extranjeros.
Hi everyone! Bonjour! Ciao! Ahlan! Oi ! Privet!
My name is Alejandra Santiago. I love teaching Spanish!

"I believe in learning foreign languages as a bridge to create tolerance and understanding among different cultures"
I'm happy to know you want to learn Spanish! I can help you!

-Bachelor Degree in Teaching Foreign Languages. ( Universidad Regional del Sureste, Oaxaca, México)
-Masters in Higher Education. ( Universidad Regional del Sureste, Oaxaca, México)
-Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant Program (2015-2016): One year teaching Spanish as a primary teacher in college level. ( "Juniata College" Pennsylvania, United States )
- 2 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners. ( Private classes)
-4 years of experience teaching English to spanish speakers. ( Language school , Oaxaca. México)

Hope to see you soon in one of my classes!
-Classes will be adapted to your needs.
-Depending on the level of Spanish you have, I will let you choose the topics you want me to prepare for the next classes. (I have an outline of 70 different grammar topics, for example: -Basic level: "Present tense of regular –ar verbs" , Intermediate leve: "The preterite tense of regular verbs")
-I can also help you prepare for specific needs such as a job interview, airport vocabulary, going shopping, etc.
-Classes will have a stressed on speaking skill, but of course I will help you to improve your listening, reading and grammar skills. (This can be modified according to the student's needs)
-You will be able to choose the topics you want to study.
-I will keep track of your progress and give you material to study.
-I will evaluate your improvement constantly.
-Classes will be personalized and fun !
See you soon! Hasta luego!

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2013 - 2015
Maestría en Educación Superior. Masters in Higher Education.
Universidad Regional del Sureste - Oaxaca, México.
2008 - 2012
Licenciatura en Enseñanza de Idiomas . B.A Teaching Foreign Languages
Universidad Regional del Sureste - Oaxaca, México.

Expérience professionnelle

2015 - 2016
Foreign Language Teaching Assistant - FULBRIGHT Program.
Juniata College - Pennsylvania
Profesora de Español. Spanish primary teacher.

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