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My name is Karolina Thomoglou and I have been teaching English to both children and adults for over 17 years in various countries and organizations. With a great deal of blood, sweat and tears (!) I recently built my own online education company which had always been a dream and goal of mine. My love and passion for the English language has been a constant in my life and has over the years developed into a deep interest to help as many language learners reach their learning goals as possible.

As an ambassador’s child, I had the privilege and joy of visiting and living in a number of incredible countries and living the life of a nomad! Being born in Switzerland and moving to Canada at the age of 3, English quickly became my native language. My parents, realizing that English would not only be an asset but a necessity growing up in various countries, chose to enroll me in American International schools throughout my school education. I have rich and beautiful memories of growing up in South Africa, Greece and as a young adult moving to Germany and then later The Netherlands. Over the course of these years, my love of the English language only grew and deepened, and at a very young age I embarked on the path that would eventually lead me to where I am today: a teacher who truly loves what she does!

As a teenager, I first fell in love with the language through poetry and literature, immersing myself in the beauty of words that I felt could almost magically create new worlds and capture feelings. This led me to my own experimentations with poetry and writing which to this very day are things I enjoy dearly and are very important to me. I was fascinated at how language allowed people to communicate with one another, brought people closer together and managed to bridge incredible gaps. As time went by and I began moving from country to country I also very quickly understood how valuable English was as a language and as a tool. Being the only common language everyone spoke in many of the countries I visited, I realized just how incredibly important it was to have a grasp on the language if I wanted to truly communicate with and understand others. Fast forward twenty years and this is more vital than ever before. In a world led by globalization and one where the international language of commerce is English, having the ability to speak English is truly no longer an asset but rather a necessity.

As a young adult in Germany, I came to the realization that I wanted to turn my passion for the English language into a career. From that moment on, I invested my time and energy into attaining my goal of becoming an English teacher. I took my first step by gaining my CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) which then led me to my first teaching positions at language schools in Berlin. Over the years I taught both General and Business English in various companies including Wall Street School of English, Ebay Germany, Jaguar and Thyssenkrupp among others. I soon followed my certificate with an Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics and eventually a Masters in Education (Applied Linguistics), solidifying and expanding my knowledge on the foundations of the English language, how it developed over the years and how we can as teachers successfully help others learn the language. I continue to further educate myself at every opportunity, most recently completing the “Foundations of Virtual Instruction” course through the University of California. I realize that the face of education is rapidly changing and moving ever more towards online learning; more accessible and flexible learning. It is a trend that I believe will continue to develop over time, which is why I chose to focus on expanding my online teaching career. The other equally important reason for moving into online teaching was my interest in and desire to work with people from around the globe- what an incredible opportunity!

Finally, I find myself after many years back in Greece realizing my long-term dream of starting my own business where I can share with others my knowledge of and passion for the English language. Nothing brings me more joy and fulfilment than helping others attain their language learning goals and supporting them through the often challenging but always exciting path of learning a new language. I always strive to make each students’ learning experience a unique one; one filled with support, patience and encouragement. I have had the fortune of working with truly wonderful individuals who have inspired me and continue to inspire me, and who remind me- though I never need reminding!-just why I became an English teacher. I hope that we will have the opportunity to meet and work together very soon.


Karolina Thomoglou

PLEASE NOTE: Last minute and same day cancellations will NOT be refunded unless there is an emergency situation. If you book a lesson and believe you won't be able to make it- please unschedule or reschedule it as soon as possible. Teacher will wait up to 15 minutes before opening the hour to other students. There are no refunds for missed lessons- if you think you will not make it in time- please inform me so that I may reschedule our lesson.

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2008 - 2012
Masters in Education
Open University - London, England
Focus on Applied Linguistics
2008 - 2010
Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics
Open University - London, England
Focus on Applied Linguistics

Expérience professionnelle

Owner and Head Teacher
English Education Lab - Athens, Greece
Online Learning Forum
2011 - 2012
English Elementary Teacher
Costeas-Geitonas Private School - Athens, Greece
English teacher for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade
2008 - 2011
English Language Teacher
Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam - People's University - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
English teacher to adults for business and general English
2003 - 2008
English Language Teacher
Wall Street Institute School of English - Berlin, Germany
English teacher to adults for business and general English. Worked as an ESL business teacher at Ebay Gemany, Thyssen Krupp and Jaguar.
2002 - 2003
English Language Teacher
All Aboard - Berlin, Germany
English teacher to adults for business and general English.


2008 - 2012
Masters of Education (Applied Linguistics)
The Open University - London, United Kingdom
2008 - 2010
Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics
The Open University - London, The United Kingdom
2008 - 2010
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
Cambridge University
1998 - 1998
Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
Cambridge University

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