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Hi, my name is Denisa. I'm originally from the Czech Republic but I have recently moved to Chicago.

I' m passionate about traveling, foreign languages and meeting new people. I have been teaching Czech and English since 2010.

I have also been studying German, Italian and Spanish, so that I can better understand my friends & students, in addition to traveling without a language barrier.

I have a Master' s Degree in Czech and English Language and Literature from Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. In addition to my degree I also have a Teaching Certificate from Palacky University.

After my graduation I moved to Prague where I worked as a language instructor for several language schools as well as an assistant professor at the University of Chemical Technology. I have taught specialized courses in areas such as Business, Tourism, Chemistry, Environment, etc.

In June 2015, the Palacky University Publishing House published "FLIP YOUR TEACHING," a Czech language textbook, which I co-authored.

I like dynamic and communicative classes; I use a lot of dialogues and role-playing exercises, to make sure that my students feel confident in every day situations. In my introductory class, I go through the topics that my students would like to discuss in our classes.

In addition to other materials, I also use my own textbook, "CZECH IN 55 EASY DIALOGUES," which I published last year. My book is available online. I recommend my students to purchase this book because I work with it in almost every lesson.

I have experience teaching different age groups; I have taught everyone ranging from little children to senior citizens. My students’ purposes for learning a new language varied from grandparents going to Canada to see their grandchildren for the first time, to business people who needed Czech or English for their everyday work life. So this is why I try to tailor my classes to the specific purposes why you need to learn English or Czech.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you might have. See you soon!

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Débutant supérieur
Intermédiaire supérieur
Confirmé supérieur
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Proficiency Assessment
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Accent Reduction
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
Listening Comprehension
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2010 - 2011
Teaching Certificate in English and Czech
Lifelong Learning Institute, Palacky University - Olomouc, Czech Republic
Czech and English Literature
2008 - 2011
M.A. English and Czech Philology
Philosophical Faculty, Palacky University - Olomouc, Czech Republic
Czech and English Literature
2009 - 2010
Study Abroad Program
Spelman College - Atlanta, Georgia
English Language Program
2009 - 2009
Study Abroad Program
Karl-Franzens Universität - Graz, Austria
English Language Program
2005 - 2008
B. A. English and Czech Philology
Philosophical Faculty, Palacky University - Olomouc, Czech Republic
English and Czech Language and Literature

Expérience professionnelle

External Translator
Media:list - Prague, Czech Republic
2016 - 2016
Teaching Assistant
Toad Hall Children’s Center - Bradenton, Florida
Teaching three year old students
2013 - 2015
Language Instructor
Slůně Language School - Prague, Czech Republic
Teaching General and Business English and Czech
2013 - 2015
Assistant Professor/Translator
The University of Chemistry and Technology - Prague, Czech Republic
Teaching General Czech; General and Professional English (Chemistry, Environment), translating various texts from Czech to English
2015 - 2015
Language Instructor/Translator
Victoria Language Agency - Olomouc, Czech Republic
Teaching General and Business English, translating various texts from Czech to English
2011 - 2015
Language Instructor
Presto Language School - Prague, Czech Republic
Teaching General and Business English and Czech
2012 - 2012
ABC Languages - Cambridge, UK
Teaching Assistance and Social Activity Leading
2012 - 2012
Czech School Without Borders - London, UK
Teaching Czech
2010 - 2011
Language Instructor
Miramare Language School - Olomouc, Czech Republic
Teaching English and Czech

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