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Refugee lessons cont.

il y a 19 jours
So after some thinking I believe there is no reason why we can´t make this work with or without Verbling. If you are interested in volunteering your teaching skills to a refugee please contact me. I hope to be able to build a directory of teachers and their related languages and connect them with the refugees in need.
I am advising that teachers should be prepared to have a trial lesson with the student and on agreement to continue should be prepared to offer a minimum of 10 lessons. Not only is this commitment necessary for any real progress but also to help a relationship of trust and companionship be built. Constant moving and change is exhausting and to offer this consistency is a real gift.
If anyone is happy to help translate this message for me into their respective language it would be truly wonderful to have contact with a huge range of teachers with a variety of languages available.
Thanks for your support so far with this idea, fingers crossed it may develop into something that actually makes a difference :)


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