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Phrasal Verbs Related to Travel

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Set off:
To begin a journey. “We set off really early this morning, that’s why I’m so tired.
Get away:
To go away on holiday, to escape for a while “I’m really stressed at work and what I really need is to get away.
Take off:
When the plane leaves the ground. “The plane took off on time.”
Pick up:
To pick somebody up is to go somewhere to collect someone, usually by car. “I’ll pick you up at the station at 6 in the morning.
Drop off:
To take someone somewhere by car. “I’ll drop you off at the airport this afternoon.”
Check in:
You arrive and register at a hotel or an airport. “When we check in at the airport they’ll give us our boarding card”
Check out:
You pay the bill at the end of your stay at a hotel.
See off:
When you go to the airport, port, train station etc to say goodbye to someone. We’ll see you off at the airport.
Look around :
Explore what is around you. “After we checked in to our hotel we wanted to look around the local area to see what it was like.”
Get on:
When you enter a plane, bus, train, horse, bike.
Get off:
You leave a plan, bus, train, bike.
Get in:
When you enter a taxi, car.
Get out of:
You leave a taxi, car.
Touch down:
The moment the plane touches the ground and lands. “Our plane touched down at half past seven in the morning.”
travel phrasal verbs
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