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Learning English with drinking games

Drew Bateman
il y a 5 mois
As many travelers and language learners know, the bar is one of the best places to go and practice speaking a language a new language with little pressure.

According to Time magazine and various scientific sources, it has been proven that drinking in moderation actually does help foreign language learners with fluency practice!

Below are a couple of games which you can play with friends to improve your english fluency skills. Remember that the point of these games is to use only English. Only resort to another language if you are hopelessly stuck. Drinks are optional -

Two truths and a lie -------
All players must create three statements about themselves. Two of them are true, and one is false.

example - I have a dog. I have never been to Australia. I have talked to Jonah Hill.

I have a dog is the lie.

Every player must guess what the lie is. If they guess correctly, they get a point.

20 questions ----------
Take turns. The player who's turn it is will think of an object and tell no one. This object can be anything. A ball, a car, a cassette player. This player will not tell anyone what their object is.

The other players will take turns asking questions about the object until one player can guess what it is.

Examples of questions - Can it fly? Is it red? Is it old?

Only 20 questions may be asked. If no one can guess the object, the player wins.

What other bar games can you adapt for English learning?


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