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Have you heard of Alexander Pushkin?

Yevgheniy Guzanov
il y a 5 mois
If you ask an average Russian who the greatest poet in Russia is, most likely you will hear that it's Alexander Pushkin. Pushkin is not as famous abroad as Leo Tolstoy or Fedor Dostoevsky. But it's very important to get acquainted with his works if you are interested in Russian culture. Let's discuss few interesting facts about him!
  1. Did you know that Alexander Pushkin is considered the greatest Russian poet not only because of his poems, but also because he is considered the creator of the modern Russian language?
  2. Did you know that besides poems he also wrote prose?
  3. What is your favourite work of Pushkin and why?
  4. Did you know that Pushkin was fluent in French, his favourite poet was Byron, whom he read in English, and that Pushkin knew as well Ancient Greek, Church-Slavonic, read Goethe in German, knew some Italian and Spanish and in total knew about 14 languages?


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