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High School Freshman Advice

il y a 7 mois
As a teacher or parent, you can sometimes lay down the law and give all the advice in the world to kids, BUT sometimes, kids tend to listen more to other kids- their PEERS. However, many times, they can be influenced by them to do the wrong things.đŸ€š You know, like you were, once upon a time.😉

Well, this AMAZING young high school junior, Layzhia Monet, shares some WISE WORDS OF ADVICE for the kids in this year's incoming freshman class. (Link below) Share it with your kids to help them start the school year off with some POSITIVE peer influence. They just might listen!đŸ€“

Disclaimer: Not only would our young people benefit from this, but some adults would too, low-key for real.

VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/GSi2k9lT1l4