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Crime Discussion

Dominic Elliston
il y a 5 mois
"Does crime pay?"
What does this expression mean?

This discussion is something I often raise in class, though there are some areas which can be sensitive. Nonetheless, with a little sensitivity it can be a very productive class debate, producing some great results.

So participate in this discussion and I will do my best to interact with you and help you improve your English quickly. However, not as quickly as you would improve when you book a lesson with me.

Have fun

Teacher Dominic
  1. What are some common crimes in your country?
  2. What does the government do to try and reduce these crimes?
  3. Has this action by your government been successful? What would you do?
  4. How can we reduce crime in our environment?
  5. Can a criminal be educated to stop committing crimes?
  6. Are the punishments for the crimes committed sufficient in your country?
  7. Community service is common in some countries. Is it effective?
  8. Should we intervene in a crime? What would be the consequences?
  9. Have you ever seen a crime stopped by a local hero? Was it a good thing to do this?


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